2015/05/27 | NEWS

Martha Argerich : A Tribute to HIROSHIMA

Dear Friends,
  I am happy and honored to play with Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Kazuyoshi Akiyama to commemorate the 70th anniversary of A-bomb attack on Hiroshima.
  I have been playing in Japan for several years under the concept of Music Against Crime, which was born from the strong belief that the love that music holds within it will weaken people's desire to harm others.
  I think the most horrible crimes we witnessed during World War
were the A-bomb attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Holocaust in Poland.
  The crime of using nuclear weapons and the crime of using racism and ethnocentrism for solving disputes should never happen.
  I believe Hiroshima will play an even more important role to put an end to such crimes in the future.

    With Love.Martha Argerich

Pianist Martha Argerich will visit Hiroshima at the invitation of Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra and its music director Kazuyoshi Akiyama.
Mrs. Argerich will play Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No.1 in C major op.15 .
in the concert titled “ An Evening of Peace Concert 2015”, following the schedule below :
August 5   18:45 at Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall, Hiroshima
August 11  19:00 at Suntory Hall , Tokyo
In addition to Mrs. Argerich’s performance, “ An Evening of Peace Concert 2015” will include the performance of Beethoven’s Egmont overture and Paul Hindemith’s Die Harmonie der Welt performed by Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra conducted by Kazuyoshi Akiyama, as well as the reading of poems by victims of A-bomb and holocaust, narrated by Annie Dutoit (actor) and Keiichiro Hirano (novelist).

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